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K-Render systems

We are able to offer both hand and machine applied external render. We are also experienced in modern products such as K-render and Weber silicone systems.

What is K-rend silicone systems?

K-rend is a silicone range which incorporates silicone water repellents as an integral part of the cement based render system. The silicone technology imparts a high degree of water repellence to the render surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through the render and let the substrate breath.
The water repellent surface ensures a freshly rendered appearance for prolonged periods. The finish is drier and thus more resistant to algae growth.
The other big advantage of K rend is that the colour is actually in the render. K rend is available in 24 different colours, see below for details.

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K Rend is a product by Kilwaughter Chemical Company Ltd

Colour Range

All full colour illustrations shown in this site are as accurate
screen resolution will allow. We recommend colours be verified against samples before ordering.

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